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Amnesia Gets Raided By Police Twice in 24 Hours, 4 Arrests Named

Ibiza's Amnesia Nightclub got raided a second time in 24 hours.

Once the raid was interrupted at midnight for the club's regular open, they returned the following morning for a second search of the establishment.

According to Diario de Ibiza, the police have confiscated a money counting machine in addition to 2 million euros found at the nightclub. Police also obtained a record from a computer company in Ibiza which serves the nightclub.

Club owner Martín Ferrer was initially named as one of the individuals arrested. Since then police have also identified the other three detained individuals as Martí Ferrer, the owner's son; David Philip, attorney for many of Ferrer's companies; and Vincente Perez de Montiz, the club's accountant.

Amnesia is currently under investigation for suspicions of money laundering by the Spanish Civil Guard's Central Operations Unit for crimes against the Treasury.

According to HYTE party promoter, music will still continue despite the ongoing investigation.

TONIGHT. Business as usual.

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