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Some of L.A.'s Best Parties Are Happening at a Downtown Hair Salon

Danny Seth performs at the Well. Courtesy the Well

The name Jefferson Tangradi is one often dropped among L.A.’s electronic music scene in crowd. Tangradi is not, however, a DJ, manager, promoter or drug dealer — he’s the scene’s de facto hairstylist.

“I used to go out every night,” Tangradi says, “and it was like, ‘Let me cut your hair,’ so all the DJs started coming to me.” Clients have included Kaskade, MK, Duke Dumont, Diplo and Skrillex.

Tangradi, 34, is a co-founder of the Well, a hybrid salon, clothing store and event space located on the corner of Olympic and Olive in downtown’s South Park neighborhood. In its almost four years of existence, the Well has become a destination not only for those looking to punch up the color on their ombré but a creative hub for artists of all kinds.

A close look around the Well reveals how the place transforms. A shelving unit cluttered with hair products by day becomes a bar at night. The checkout area and display counter, this afternoon populated with fragrances and iPhone cases featuring the Well’s all-seeing eye logo, turns into a DJ booth. The walkway separating the salon from the store functions as a catwalk, leading into the back warehouse where parties go down. Altogether it’s a trend factory for hair, clothing and music that also serves as an alternative to the bottle-popping club scene.

While it might all sound hipper-than-thou, the vibe in the store is fundamentally inviting. The women behind the sales counter (hair colors: light green and lavender) smile when I walk in. Steely Dan’s “Peg” plays through the speakers. A stylist in a crushed velvet mini-dress (“I made it myself!”) hugs me when we meet and when we part ways, and a shih tzu named Daphni licks my toes. Nothing here is intimidating, besides some of the price tags on the clothing...

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