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Grandtheft Talks About Homogeneity in EDM and Why it Needs to Change

Grandtheft recently sat down with DJ Mag Italia and discussed the state of the music industry.

In the interview, Grandtheft parses the meaning of EDM, why Diplo thinks the music industry is a sinking ship – and what we can do to change that.

DJ Mag Italia:

When I heard about the upcoming ‘death of EDM’ I always relate it to the ongoing “refreshing process” of the mainstream sound, starting to push away the big room one we used to know and giving more space to new genres, especially those coming from US and Australia. We can notice it just listening to the biggest hits of the moment. EDM is not about to die, it’s just refreshing introducing new mainstream sonorities.

What’s your impression?


I agree. I look at the term "EDM" like I do "Trap Music"... Just names people come up with that lump a lot of stuff together and end up not really meaning anything. Electronic music is constantly progressing and things move really fast. People's taste in the mainstream definitely evolve to catch up with what happens in the underground – and we can see things moving away form the big room sound I guess.

DJ Mag Italia:

[Diplo] recently declared “nowadays DJ culture is a sinking ship, a lame culture and a movement famous for no good reason”. What do you think about this words? Too severe or truth?


Diplo took a lot of flack for that - but he says what he thinks and I respect that. I've said similar stuff before too. Dance music and Djing have become a circle over the past couple years..And some of the copycat culture in music and the way people represent themselves online makes the whole thing really hard for me to relate to sometimes.

Most of electronic music and raving and clubbing originated as an inclusive, fun culture where different people could express themselves. Then it became so pop and money-driven that the DJs and music have become overly homogenized...too many of the same type of people doing the same thing over and over. It doesn't make for an inviting place for people to be different or look different or make different sounding music.

That is changing though...It needs to. I am not as pessimistic. Things have a way of righting themselves.

Interview by Federico Piccinini at DJ Mag Italia

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