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Pokemon Go: Best Or Worst New Thing At Festivals?

Pokemon Go was just released on Android and Apple iOS, and responses to it are taking over the internet. It seems like everyone wants to become a Pokemon trainer and can now do it in the “real world.”

To be honest, it’s a pretty revolutionary concept when it comes to gaming. For the most part before, you were attached to a console in your parent’s basement or starring down at your crotch at your phone causing everyone to look strangely at you. With Pokemon Go, it melds the real world with the digital world and turns your environment into a Pokemon hunting and battle ground.

But herein lies the problem: How the hell are people going to experience the actual real world when they are so focused on the game version? And how will this effect the hardcore Pokemon trainers who attend festivals?

We’ll let you discover how the whole game actually works, but what we will say is that it encourages you to get out of the house for once. One of the things you have to do in the game to unlock some things is walk certain distances. For example, when gathering items at PokeStops, you may find eggs that will eventually hatch into Pokemon. To hatch these eggs, you need to walk around. The farther you have to walk, the rarer the Pokemon you’ll find inside. This feature would actually be great for festivals, because you would have to explore a lot of the grounds to collect your rare finds. Not to mention you can also find other Pokemon along the way...

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