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Devin Culham

Stormzy Speaks Out About Gun Violence and Systemic Racism

Orlando. Dallas. Arlon Sterling. Philando Castille.

If these recent events bred in violence don't make you painfully aware of the reversal of progress in America, then you're already lost

If you have become complacent about these acts of violence becoming a regular fixture in society, then you need to question the society that you're living in.

British MC and Grime front-runner, Stormzy is questioning that reality and recently took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the reoccuring blight of American violence.

Many will argue that politics have no place in dance music but the reality is that art and social progress are inherent to one another. Art is the greatest form of social commentary by opening our hearts and minds to the possibility of an ideal that exists outside of the current paradigm.

Music is activism.

Music challenges the mundane, challenges the way we think, and challenges the social structures in which we reside.

Music challenges us to create a reality that we can inhabit peacefully.

This is not a centralized issue.

This is not a problem that belongs to one race, one country, or one society.

This is a human issue. And it is one that needs to change.

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