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'DJ' Paris Hilton Thinks She's Important Enough to Be Targeted by ISIS

You read that headline correctly. Paris Hilton, hotel heiress, reality TV star, and press play 'DJ' thinks she's a target for ISIS.

According to a recent interview with Diario de Ibiza, the socialite responded to the recent terrorist attacks in Nice and how as a famous person she fears for her safety.

"I’m constantly moving around from one country to another and I’m a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack and that is something that sometimes terrifies me."

After a terrorist attack it's pretty easy for paranoia to set it. That's the purpose of terrorism, to instill fear within the hearts of people.

However, Paris Hilton is not a likely target.

Not only is it more likely to die from a car accident than a terrorist attack, but a celebrity assasination is an unlikely tactic.

Terrorist attacks are most successful (in instigating fear) when they're seemingly random attacks on civilians. Paris Hilton believing herself to be a target only hands power over to terrorist groups like ISIS. This is precisely what they want.

Instead, it is important for groups like ISIS to know that while their attacks are horrendous we can't let them control our actions. Life continues. We don't tolerate these attacks but we bandage up the societal wounds that terrorism inflicts and soldier on.

When we live in fear of extremism, then we give groups like ISIS control. We give them power to continue to act violently and give power to their cause.

So Paris, don't worry your pretty head and just stick to pushing buttons at your cozy Ibiza residency for a living.

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