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Director Colin Tilley Chats "Purple Lamborghini Video and Working with the Joker


NEST HQ sat down with the director of the music video for Skrillex and Rick Ross' collaboration "Purple Lamborghini" featured in the full motion picture Suicide Squad. Director Tilley shares everything from the inspiration to the creative process and working with Skrillex, Rick Ross and Jared Leto as The Joker.

This article originally appeared on NEST HQ

It’s hard to recall a music video in recent years as anticipated as “Purple Lamborghini“. A perfect storm of hype transpired in the month leading up to its release; suspense levels rose as the worldwide premiere of Suicide Squad inched closer, the song itself notched up millions of plays in the wake of its premiere with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 (in which Skrillex and Rick confirmed The Joker’s appearance in the video), and the announcement came that award-winning filmmaker and director, Colin Tilley, would be in charge of the treatment for the visual.

It wasn’t the first time Colin Tilley had linked with Skrillex or Rick Ross, either. Skrill teamed up with the Grammy-nominated director earlier this year for his Tokyo-based short film for “No Chill” which saw Sonny and Vic Mensa exploring the artistic underground culture of Japan’s capital city. Colin’s friendship with Rick Ross goes years back, as the two have worked together on at least a dozen shoots for both Rick’s own records as well as his featured appearances.

With all this chemistry & hype and easily one of the summer’s biggest hits under their belt, Skrillex, Rick Ross, and Colin Tilley were in a position to deliver a music video of equally epic proportions. And they have. In just 12 hours upon its release last Friday, the video netted six million plays between YouTube and Facebook, and as this piece is being written, it’s approaching a staggering 30 million combined views in less than a week.

Following the video’s initial success, we called up director Colin Tilley to chat about the inception of the treatment, his longtime appreciation for The Joker’s character and being able to work directly with Jared Leto on this piece, choosing Miami as the backdrop for the music video, and more.

Check out the music video for “Purple Lamborghini” if you haven’t already, and read on for our chat with Colin Tilley below followed by a gallery of behind the scenes photos from the shoot by photographer, Jas Davis.

Hey Colin! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, and congrats on the video! It’s doing really well.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s doing its thing.

Let’s start out with a bit on the inception of the treatment of the video and how you, Sonny, and Rick all came together on it.

I got the record from Sonny a couple months prior and had been listening to it for a while before we even started to talk about ideas for it. I knew what kind of energy I wanted to get in the video. As things got closer to actually shooting it, a huge thing that drove the whole video was Sonny saying...

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