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Crazed Fan on Drugs Attacked Eprom at Shambhala

This past weekend in British Columbia, producer Eprom was attacked by a crazed fan on drugs.

According Eprom's Instagram - real name Alexander Dennis - a fan jumped the stage of his set at Shambhala Music Festival and began to attack the DJ.

A similar event occurred that same weekend at The Werkout in Ohio when an inebriated fan got on stage and 'trust-fell' on STS9's drummer Zach Velmer.

While security personnel are often times sub-contracted, security teams need to ensure that they are debriefing their employees to know how to respond in the event that a fan gets on stage. The fact that a fellow artist had to help Eprom from the crazed fan as opposed to security, does not speak well about security present at that time.

Security teams are meant to not only keep fans from bringing in drugs, but also to protect artists and fans alike from these types of antics.

Luckily, the transgression against Eprom was minor and the producer seemed to have a pretty humorous take on the whole situation.

H/T: Nelson Star
Cover Photo: DJ Tech Tools