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GAWVI: From Pharrell's Intern To Rising EDM Star


Victoria Hernandez sat down with emerging artist GAWVI to discuss how he went from being Pharell's errand boy to launching a multi-genre solo career that's gaining traction in the EDM world. With a background in hip hop, GAWVI was nervous about releasing an EDM EP, but the fan response confirmed his decision to follow his heart. 'Lost in Hue' dropped July 29 and became the top Dance Music project in the iTunes store.

This article originally appeared on HipHopDX

GAWVI knew he wanted to be a producer at the age of 13. Growing up in the Bronx and South Florida, he had many cultural influences that made him the artist he is today. After a stint as Reach Records’ in-house producer, GAWVI announced in January that he signed with the Atlanta-based label to become a solo artist.

“It was very exciting for me,” he says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I was able to have a lot more freedom to experiment and do a lot more different things that I’ve been wanting to do.”

One of his earliest inspirations was will.i.am, who GAWVI says he appreciates for his ability to balance production and vocals and also blend different genres.

“I really come up from looking up to will.i.am from back in the Hip Hop days when he started out bridging the gap with the Black Eyed Peas,” he says. “He produced everything for Black Eyed Peas and just the different styles that he can do from boom bap, to straight pop music, electro, funk music with the album Elephunk.”

GAWVI used to rap back in the day, but laughs at the idea of getting back in the booth anytime soon. He has mastered his craft behind the boards from an internship with Pharrell. Even though he mostly served as an errand boy, he soaked in everything he could while he was on the job.

“Pharrell is just an iconic legendary guy,” he says. “While I was interning there, he’s working on Shakira’s album, Fat Joe’s album, and then N.E.R.D.’s album all at the same time. I’m just blown away how a man can move from one studio to the next studio, and just being able to concentrate all that. It was a crazy experience.”

Later on in his journey, GAWVI became in-house producer with Reach Records...

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