EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The Top 10 EDM Bookings by Country/Region According to Beatport & MixMag

Beatport and MixMag are looking to create a new barometer for success in EDM. The two well-known brands have combined their sales, data, growth and insights to create EDM's first "Booking Barometer." Unlike with the Top 100 DJ Mag list, this is not a poll you can buy your way into. Nor does it treat the EDM scene like one giant conglomerate; rather, it respects the unique cultures found around the globe. These individual scenes, as they note, have their own tastes, sounds and local favorites.

Dance music is already flooded with popularity polls, so Beatport is setting out to do things differently. No rigged votes. No focus on one scene at the expense of others.

Examining 7 countries and regions, their booking barometer indicates the 10 best bookings within three categories: (1) Undergound Club (2) Big Room/Festival and (3) Bass. They even go so far to predict, based on their data, what artists are likely to slide into the 10 Best Bookings slots over the next six months.

Their goal is not to dole out inflated accolades that will be turned around and used for extortion of dance music fans by money-hungry promoters and greedy club owners. Rather, they just want to help fans expand their horizons and encourage them to get out there and see more shows!

"Quite simply, we hope this project helps you catch some great electronic music, from both scene leaders and fast-rising names, over the next six months."

Finally, a ranking chart that actually treats EDM like the revolutionary, diverse and multi-cultural phenomenon that it actually is.

Check out the top 10 best bookings in the three categories for the US by watching the videos below. Then, head over to Beatport's YouTube channel to see the top 10 in these categories for S. America, UK, Germany, Asia, Japan and Australia.

Fans can learn more about The Booking Barometer at beatport.com/booking-barometer.