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Hodor, We Mean Kristian Nairn, Talks About How Game of Thrones Opened His Music to America


Danny Gallagher spoke with Irish actor and DJ Kristian Nairn in a recent interview about how Game of Thrones impacted his music career, specifically his fanbase in the United States. He even dishes on the "surprise" he usually incorporates in the middle of his DJ sets.

This article originally appeared on The Dallas Observer

Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor on HBO's Game of Thrones, brings his Rave of Thrones tour to the Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum this Saturday.

Kristian Nairn found success as a musician long before his acting career took off. He toured Europe and, for 11 years, held down a DJ residency at one of Belfast's most popular gay clubs, Kremlin. But if it wasn't for Game of Thrones, Nairn may never have been able to bring his signature beats to an American audience.

"There was no other way for them to know me, really," Nairn says in a phone interview with the Observer from England. "I've done fairly well as a performer and a DJ in the U.K., so Game of Thrones really just opened up a whole new market for me."

The Northern Ireland native played Hodor, the smiling, giant servant for House Stark whose innocence and very limited vocabulary made him one of the show's more endearing and beloved characters. That meant it was only a matter of time before Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin would find a way to kill him off, which happened last season.

"It's humbling," Nairn says. "People are showing you real emotions. Hodor is like a real person to me, which I always thought was a bit strange. But reading and hearing the reactions from people, it's nice to know it's just not me...

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