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Skrillex Talks Getting Guns N' Roses Crowd 'Semi-Turnt' in Opening Gig


People were shocked to find out that Skrillex was going to support Guns N' Roses. Hear from the man himself in this interview with Rolling Stones about his opening gig.

This article originally appeared on Rolling Stone

Amid a surprisingly drama-free reunion tour, Guns N' Roses made one of their most controversial choices for their Houston show in early August, choosing superstar DJ and electronic musician Skrillex to open for them at NRG Stadium. Purists were up in arms over the choice of an EDM act opening for the hard rock group, even though the band has long had a history of supporting non-rock genres, including Axl Rose's early appreciation for hip-hop acts like N.W.A.

"I've always been a polarizing artist, so I don't really pay attention to what anybody says," Skrillex tells Rolling Stonenearly a week after his gig. "It's so strange because I grew up playing rock music and punk music, and I'm a forever-evolving artist. When I first started making electronic music after I left [Skrillex's former rock band] From First to Last, all my band's fans hated that. 'Where's the old Sonny?' When I started working with Jack Ü, the Skrillex fans were like, 'What's that?'"

The musician was aware of the negative backlash surrounding the GNR gig and realized that it fueled him even more to pursue the set. "It gave me a challenge to see what I could do under those circumstances," the musician says.

Prior to becoming Skrillex, Sonny Moore fronted the metalcore group From First to Last. He had been a guitar player since he was a kid as well as an avid metal fan, having mastered riffs by bands like Metallica as he learned the instrument. "'Welcome to the Jungle' is one of the songs I never got to learn front-to-back," he admits. "As much as I want to say I was the biggest Guns N' Roses fan, I didn't know them as much as I did metal bands until the last couple years. My appreciation has been greater [more recently] just because of how life goes. You go in and out of different phases of what you listen to."


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