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Spotify’s first original videos are boring behind-the-music cartoons


Spotify's first original video as part of the 12 series its promised was a brief history overview of dance music called "Deconstructing: How EDM Changed the World." While the overall message was nice, the less-than-2-minute video didn't go very deep, only touching on a few names and details and rather painted a vague picture of the genre's origins. Josh Constine of Tech Crunch examines whether "boring behind-the-music cartoons" like this one will really cut it in the video world. Then again, we must say that for those EDM fans who don't know the history of dance music and its origins which were steeped in radical social and political ideas, the video could be a great place to start your research.

This article originally appeared on Tech Crunch

Don’t expect Spotify’s lackluster attempt at original video to help it defeat Apple Music or YouTube. The three-minute clips produced in partnership with new media company ATTN are no more compelling than any freely available videos on the web.

Spotify’s first series called “Deconstructed” features animated shorts about outdated national anthems, LGBT rappers, and artists who act like witches. The first episode about the birth of house music will premier today in the Videos & Podcasts tab of Spotify’s app, with more coming later. Here it is:

Back in May, Spotify announced it would create 12 original series to bolster its new in-app video collection. They include...

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