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After 3 DJs Retire In 2016, We Ask: Why Are Artists Leaving Tours Behind?


Dance music is more popular than ever, yet some artists are hanging their hat on touring. Jenna Swanberg sinks her teeth into this question to understand why.

This article originally appeared on Dance Music NW

On July 23rd, English record producer Daniel Stein, better known as DJ Fresh, turned to his Facebook page to tell his fans that he would no longer be touring as of January of next year. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and explains that he needs to focus on his health. He has been public about his health on his Facebook page. DJ Fresh went on to offer a scathing critique of the industry as a whole.

He goes on to say that his decision has nothing to do with his record label, and pays tribute to his former project, Bad Company. Though his words are strong, people seem only supportive of his decision. There seems to be a developing trend of DJs leaving touring. Earlier in 2016, we saw Avicii announce his own retirement from touring, while Sound Remedy did the same shortly after DJ Fresh.

For Avicii the final decision came weeks before he made his announcement, made while he had the opportunity to drive across the U.S. In his letter he noted how he needed to make some changes, and his travels made him see them. Last year saw him hospitalized for some serious health reasons, so it came as little surprise to many. He too will finish out his current tour, and be done in January of next year.

Though Sound Remedy does not go into why exactly he is choosing to leave, his send off is beautiful. With thanks and kind words to his fans, family and people in the industry. Sound Remedy finishes his announcement with some incredibly helpful advice for young producers.


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