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How Nightcore Became Your Favorite Producer's Favorite Genre


THUMP writer Rob Arcand gives a full, in-depth and detailed history lesson on the electronic dance music subgenre known as "Nightcore," which dates back to 2002... a fascinating read for anyone who loves to learn genre origins.

This article originally appeared on THUMP

Nightcore's The Night Is Dark album cover.

Nightcore feels like it's finally hitting its stride. Born at the dawn of a new millennium, the web-based genre seemed to herald a new era in dance music and electronic production, one premised in equal measure on pop accessibility and breakneck exploration. With a pounding 160 BPM tempo, nightcore sped and re-pitched existing trance and Eurodance hits into a sugary headrush of sounds.

Yet despite being around for over a decade, nightcore has largely slipped under the music industry's radar, confined to forums and YouTube channels, scoffed off as happy hardcore's saccharine excess, and, at least until recently, buried beneath an avalanche of newer dance music online.

But lately, nightcore's influence can be felt outside of its tight-knit community...

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