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The 12 Most Mind-Melting Artworks Headed To Burning Man This Year


Priscilla Frank, arts writer for Huffington Post, rounded up 12 of the most eye-popping and awe-inspiring art installations for this year's Burning Man, which is themed Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop. All we have to say is... Wow!

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post

Approximately 525 years ago, an Italian polymath named Leonardo da Vinci completed a pen and ink drawing called “The Vitruvian Man.” The piece depicts a nude man in two superimposed positions, inscribed in a circle and a square. Inspired by the work of an architect named Vitruvius, Leonardo created the piece as a manifestation of the ideal human body, the principal archetype of proportionality.

Fast forward to 2016, when Leonardo’s iconic contribution to the fields of art, science, mathematics and the place where the three intersect will be honored in the most dream-like of ways. In the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock City, approximately 70,000 people will join together to burn the Man to the ground.

That’s right, this year’s Burning Man theme is Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop, paying homage to the artist and his crew who transformed 15th- and 16th-century Florence through ingenuity, creativity and crazy skill.

Over 300 artists have registered to bring their most surreal, hallucinatory and utopian Leondardo-inspired visions to life on the large-scale stage that is the playa. There are giant butterfly sculptures. There are floating LED dancing women. There are most certainly breathing robot alligator puppets.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the projects most likely to make Leonardo say, “Whoa, what?” Each artist or artist collective contributed a brief description of their project, along with a quote describing how the piece taps into the overall spirit of Burning Man...

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