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EDM.com Spotlight

Krewella Honors Passing of Artist's Brother in the Best Way Possible

Producers Andrew and Scotty, known as the Los Angeles duo NIGHTOWLS, got the worst news they could fathom right before their first ever mainstage performance at Bass Camp Festival. Scotty's brother, Alan, was killed in a car wreck.

Since Alan was one of their biggest fans, Scotty and Andrew knew what they had to do. Alan would have wanted Scotty to play. And so they did. The support from friends and fans that weekend was invaluable as they grieved and celebrated Alan's life. One particularly heartfelt gesture of support came from headliners Krewella.

After hearing about Scotty's brother, Jahan and Yasmine invited NIGHTOWLS to the stage during their set and got the entire crowd to chant Alan's name, dedicating the performance of their song "Alive" to him.

In tear-jerking post recounting this experience, the duo went on to ask fans to please never get behind a wheel if you're intoxicated. It's not worth risking your life or anyone else's. The two even promised that if you are a fan that ever needs help getting home, if you tweet or message or get in touch somehow... they will take care of you.

Our hearts go out to Scotty, his family and Andrew. Share their post and check out their music to support. And props to the Krewella sisters for reminding us what this community is about.

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