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Music Is Just 4.3% of YouTube Traffic, Research Shows


The article compares the number of hours an average user spends watching music content versus other content each month. It turns out that music accounts for a small percentage of YouTube's traffic and the greatest percentage comes from gaming content. The findings presented are being used by YouTube to defend against complaints from major labels and artists.

This article originally appeared on Digital Music News

Maybe you need YouTube more than YouTube needs you.

Music videos and music-related video content account for just 4.3% of overall YouTube traffic, according to data now released by San Francisco-based Pexeso. By stark comparison, gaming-related content accounts for 33.4% of the total, which mirrors the massive draw of channels like Twitch.

Entertainment-focused content also dwarfs music content, according to the data, with an 18.9% chunk. Random content uploaded by people, bloggers, and YouTube personalities also beat music content, accounting for 14.3% of the pie. Other categories like Sports and Film & Animation also trump music...

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