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This Guy Invented a Sound System That Lets You Dance 'Inside' Music


Iago Fernández interviews Xergio Cordoba on his 'Ego' soundsystem that features subwoofers in the walls, ceiling AND floors. This soundsystem is designed to put you literally inside the music. Dance music fans may remember Cordoba from last year when he introduced the music world to a soundsystem that allows you to blast music without your neighbors knowing. Check out Fernández's interview with Cordoba diving into his latest innovation - a soundsystem that techno snobs and bassheads alike will drool over.

This article originally appeared on VICE

Xergio Cordoba. Image courtesy of Xergio Cordoba

This article originally appeared on VICE Spain

Xergio Cordoba wants to help you get high enough to feel perfectly at one with music. And he says he's got a better way to do that than plying you with drugs; he thinks his new sound system, "Ego", could do the trick. Ego turns the floor, ceiling and walls of nightclubs into subwoofers, making club-goers feel as if the beats and bass are running through their bodies.

I interviewed Cordoba last year about his other invention – a system that allows you to play music really loudly without your neighbours noticing – so got in touch again to find out more about Ego.

VICE: How did the idea for Ego come about?

Xergio Cordoba: Ever since I started going to clubs – and then working as a DJ and a music producer – I've wanted to feel music with greater intensity. I wanted the relationship between music, sound and the audience to be more intimate. I've been working on this idea at my mastering studio, where I did a lot of research and developed projects such as Live Mastering and Masn´live©, which also involve psychoacoustics...

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