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EDM.com Spotlight

The Troll Lives on as Google Confuses Marshmello for Tiësto

Even Google is a little confused about Marshmello's real identity.

This past June at Electric Daisy Carnival's 20th Anniversary Event, Marshmello stunned everyone by revealing his identity before a massive crowd. Before a sea of faces, Marshmello pulled of his iconic white helmet to reveal that he is in fact... Tiësto??

Most of us got the joke and had a good laugh about it, but apparently someone forgot to send the memo to Google.

Marshmello recently uploaded a screen shot to twitter showing a Google Search for "Marshmello Biography" which suggested links for Tiësto's Wikipedia page.

Marshmello was tipped off by a Twitter fan that originally tagged him in the screenshot

At the time of publishing, Google still had yet to correct the issue.

Well played, Marshmello. The troll that keeps on trolling.

H/T: EDM Sauce