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Reddit Refuses to Disclose Alleged Music Leaker’s IP Address


Reddit has refused to meet requests by Atlantic Records to provide the personal details and IP address of the user who allegedly leaked a track from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The track was subsequently released the day after the leak, which was two months ahead of schedule. Reddit demanded to know what Atlantic intended to do if the information led them to an individual that was not an Atlantic employee. The label had told the Supreme Court of New York that they believed it came from someone in or near their camp, and that it ruined release plans and resulted in revenue losses.

This article originally appeared on TorrentFreak

Reddit is refusing to hand over the personal details of one of its users to Atlantic Records. The user is accused of obtaining a copy of a single by band Twenty One Pilots ahead of its commercial release and posting a link on the site. But Reddit says the record label is on a "fishing expedition" and it won't comply.

Back in June, Atlantic Records were in the final stages of releasing the track ‘Heathens’ by the platinum-certified band Twenty One Pilots. Things didn’t go to plan.

The track, which was also set to appear on “Suicide Squad: The Album”, was leaked online, first appearing on an anonymous Slovakian file-hosting service called Dropfile.to. From there it’s claimed that the alleged leaker advertised that file on Reddit, posting a link which enabled any viewer to download it for free. The posting, which was made on the ‘Twenty One Pilots’ subreddit by a user called ‘twentyoneheathens’, caught the eye of Atlantic Records...

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