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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Teams Up with Mr. Oizo For an Old-School Electro Treatment

Mr. Oizo has had a long career of producing electronic beats ranging from techno to electro.

Most recently Mr. Oizo released the first single off of his forthcoming album All Wet, featuring a collaboration with EDM's gun-for-hire, Skrillex.

The new track "End of the World" features a fusion of French Electro with Skrillex's heavier beats and synth lines. The result is a mix between old-school and new-school in a way which pushes the genre forward.

In a statement about the collaboration, the two shared only kind words about working together.

Mr. Oizo aka Quentin Dupieux said of Skrillex:

"I could spend a month watching Sonny making beats on his laptop, he simply is the best of this new EDM generation. Since I’m the best of the old electro dudes, we had to do this tune together.”

Skrillex added that Mr. Oizo was a major influence in the early years:

“If you told the kid Sonny 10 years ago ‘You’d make a track with Mr Oizo in the future’ I wouldn’t believe you. Fast forward to today, it’s still surreal to me. Oizo was one of my main influences when I started productions as Skrillex, and being able to sit next to him and absorb his mind was a priceless experience for me.”

The new album from Mr. Oizo set to release on September 30th. All Wet will also features collaborations with Peaches, Charli XCX, and Boyz Noize.

Cover photo courtesy of Stoney Roads

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