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The Night I Fell in Love With Dance Music: Kaitlyn B


Kaitlyn B., who runs the popular EDM Humor Instagram page, shares her story about how she fell in love with electronic dance music and its inspiring culture of love and unity. Through a first-person account on the Insomniac blog, Kaitlyn recounts the exact night she fell in love with EDM.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac

The first time Kaitlyn B. went to a rave, she knew almost nothing about the dance scene and even less about the then-burgeoning world of social media. In the six years since attending her first festival, however, the Los Angeles–based social media expert has not only adopted the PLUR lifestyle full-on, she has combined her passion for both the music and public relations into one of the scene’s most popular Instagram pages, EDM Humor.

Now a bona fide online celebrity, Kaitlyn’s goal is to use her voice to spread the same love, positivity and whimsy to EDM Humor’s 168,000 followers that she herself has received from the dance music community in Southern California and beyond.

“It’s ultimately an attempt to spread things that are uplifting,” Kaitlyn says of her page, “because you never know who’s going to need that.”

Featuring memes making light of some of the most relatable aspects of the festival lifestyle, (physical exhaustion, baes, booty, bass, etc.), the goal of EDM Humor is to make people laugh and spread good vibes on the daily. With this mission, Kaitlyn has come a long way from the days when she believed that the dance world was actually something to fear. Here, in her own words, she shares the story of the night she fell in love with dance music.

The first time I experienced any sort of club culture was when I was 13 and went to visit my sister, who was living in Paris. She took me to a nightclub—that was my first time hearing electronic music...

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