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The World’s ‘First’ Grime Instrumental Has Been Found in a ‘90s Wolverine Video Game


Contrary to popular belief, it appears that Grime did not in fact start with Youngstar's 'Pulse X'. Its predecessor accidentally came many years earlier.

This article originally appeared on Fact Mag

It was written eight years before ‘Pulse X’.

If you thought Youngstar’s ‘Pulse X’ was the first grime beat, think again: SBTV has uncovered the story behind an accidental ‘grime’ instrumental created for a Wolverine video game back in 1994.

Brought to wider attention by Brixton producer Sir Pixalot last week, the track in question is an end of level boss theme from Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis platformer Wolverine: Adamantium Rage. Written by a producer called Dylan Beale, the track features all the hallmarks of early grime instrumentals: staccato strings, eski bleeps and square wave bass, recorded eight years before the first grime instrumentals.


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