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Originally appearing in the French Trax Mag, Antonin Pruvot translates the news that Boiler Room will now be broadcasting four new channels based on genre.

This article originally appeared on Trax Mag

Boiler Room came a long way since the first live videos, shot by a webcam in a small London room. It is now a recognised electronic music institution. Boiler Room may not have invented live stream for music but it clearly made a name for itself in that league, and now covers a vast spectrum of music.

So diverse that the team decided that it needed to clarify its content for the users: “I think we got to a point where we cover so many different music genres and there are so many people following us that we need to make distinctions in what we broadcast”, explains Gabriel, 25, chief programmer for Boiler Room from the London headquarters. In order to do that Boiler Room will soon be divided in four channels: Channel 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Ahad Elley from the marketing team proceeds

We can see that partition in a chronological way, regarding how Boiler Room evolved through time. We started with UK bass and grime, that would be Channel 1. Then we moved to Berlin where it was more about house and techno, so that's Channel 2. Channel 3 will be dedicated to more hip hop, alike what we do in L.A. Channel 4 will be the more experimental, with rock, jazz, ambient and all the things that do not really have their place in a club, like Oneohtrix Point Never for example."

More targeting, less wandering?

Every week Boiler Room organises, films and broadcasts performances from all around the globe, for them to be accessible to anyone. But isn't the young (they are all under 30) London team afraid of loosing its concept which allowed surprises and discoveries, by splitting into categories?

“We are not really splitting them, it is a way of categorising. The aim is to avoid people getting lost in the flow of videos” argues Gabriel Szatan “It is maybe better if you are introduced to fairly unknown artists who match your musical sensibility. Your curiosity can still drive you to other categories, and that is for the best. We will still cover different kinds of music but it is not really easy to jump from Seth Troxler to some African jazz.”

The Boiler Room ship will still explore new musical lands, they will just be separated in four universes. “If it works, it will mean that we can do more shows and go even further in the exploration without scaring people away. It is not necessarily about people but also about time. For example, when you wake up on Sunday morning you can plug in to Channel 4 and watch the ambient/yoga show that we made last year with Laraaji.”


Read the full story by Paul Herincx, translated by Antonin Puvrot for Trax Mag

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