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Ten Terrible Tracks From the World's Richest DJs!


Tamara Roper of Ministry of Sound pokes fun at the world's richest DJs by creating a list of their worst tracks. Because sometimes quality is better than quantitiy.

This article originally appeared on Ministry of Sound

The Forbes Electronic Cash Kings List has been released, revealing the world's top ten highest paid DJs

Bookended by Calvin Harris and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, it's proof that playing big gigs for large franchises can pay off. Also that being a white man can help too.

In the interest of keeping Tiesto, Martin and friends #grounded, we've unearthed these clangers they might be interested in forgetting. Stay humble!

1: Calvin Harris's work on "Holiday" by Dizzee Rascal

Calvin played a healthy part in the popularising of Dizzee Rascal, producing two of the tracks that went to number one on his album Tongue N' Cheek. "Holiday", when you break it down, is pure basic. Lyrically it's been constructed with a music video in mind, and production wise, it sounds like the sort of trance song that end up in the pop charts for no inexplicable reason. Rejected by The Saturdays, picked up by Dizzee Rascal, produced by Calvin Harris, and featuring Goldie. Weird.

2: Gotye - "Somebody I Used To Know" (Tiesto Remix)

AKA the Tiesto meat cleaver edition! Also sounds identical to "One (Your Name)" by Swedish House Mafia!

3: David Guetta - "Sexy Bitch" ft Akon

If a tree falls in the wood, does it make a sound? OR, if this track hadn't been released, would David Guetta's name have been on every other dance-pop song from 2008 till infinity? Similar dilemma. Also you may have changed the name to 'chick' on all radio released, but it still says 'bitch' on Spotify. Nice one, Dave.


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