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Man Charged With Attempted Murder Asks Judge to Attend Creamfields

You know what gets in the way of going to your favorite music festival? Being charged with attempted murder.

In a bizarre story reported by the Belfast Telegraph, 37-year-old Irish man charged with attempted murder has asked to courts to relax his bail conditions because he has already purchased tickets to this year's Creamfields festival.

But this isn't a simple case of misidentification. No, in fact the alleged perpetrator Remy Lafferty, was accused of stabbing a man in the neck with an umbrella shaft in a drunken attack outside of a bar.

Uhh, excuse me?

Not only has Lafferty asked the courts to ease up on him so that he could attend the world class festival, but he has also asked that his alcohol ban be temporarily lifted so that he could consume alcohol at the event.

It comes to no surprise that the judge didn't find Creamfields to be a particular priority for the accused.

In a statement to the Belfast Telegraph, Mr Justicer Treacy said:

"I'm not prepared to let him attend a music festival where inevitably there will be irresistible and unpoliceable temptations."

Lafferty's paper thin defense counsel pleaded with the judge that the tickets to Creamfields had cost several hundred pounds and were purchased prior to the altercation that occurred in March.

The court's response?

"He had plenty of time to sell the tickets in the meantime."

Creamfields festival is set to take place August 25-28th in Danesbury, UK featuring Above and Beyond, Jack Ü, Martin Garrix, as well as Avicii's last ever UK performance.

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