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This Drum and Bass DJ Taught His Mum How to DJ and She Totally Killed It


THUMP's David Garber breaks down how a drum and bass DJ taught his mom how to spin like a pro. Any fan or DJ is going to enjoy this fun read. And it's certainly worth getting to see this mom show off what she's learned at the end!

This article originally appeared on THUMP

Whether it's one's inherited physical characteristics, as discussed in will.i.am's 2007 hit "I Got It From My Mama," or perhaps an individual's knack for philandering—see Birdman and Lil Wayne's collaborative opus "Stuntin' Like My Daddy"—much of the identity and skills we posses as humans comes from our parents. For UK-based drum & bass DJ, Deviation, it appears his knack for mixing up steely beats comes courtesy of his cheery mum.

In a Facebook video posted early yesterday morning, following what we imagine was a brief crash course in how to mix on CDJs, Deviation watches on from beside the decks as his mum dives into a nasty one-minute DJ routine in which she masterfully works faders, volume levels, and, of course, totally nails the infamous drum and bass stank face and hands-in-the-air move. Let's break it down quickly so you see what we mean...

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