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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Announces Location for Secret 2-night ATL Warehouse Rave

In a recent interview with Billboard, Bassnectar shared the secret location of his upcoming show in Atlanta.

The 2-night run in Atlanta taking place September 9th and 10th sold out its 10,000 person capacity almost immediately, but until now the location hasn't been revealed.

In the interview with Billboard, Bassnectar reflects on his very first rave and how the magic came not from pyrotechnics or LEDs but from the secrecy of the location.

“A kid from school found the directions last minute ... it was like a treasure hunt. I drove there in a car packed with friends, and we parked on the street outside. When we got out of the car, you could hear the bass booming in the distance. We just followed the bass until we found ourselves at the doorway to a building.

For the 10,000 people heading to Atlanta this September, the event will be taking place at 279 Andrew Young International Blvd for an exclusive warehouse event unlike anything Bassnectar has ever performed before!

H/T: Billboard