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Too busy to dress for Burning Man? There’s a $10,000 stylist for that


As Burning Man turns 30, The Guardian writer Maria Ganga offers a jaw-dropping example of the commercialization and commodification of the gathering which is supposed to be founded on principles like radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, decommodification, civic responsibility and participation. Once something gets as big as Burning Man has gotten... can it ever stay as pure as it once was? And if not... is that a bad thing or should it just be embraced as an opportunity for authenticity and discernment?

This article originally appeared on The Guardian

Burning Man revellers dance at sunrise. The 10-day desert festival is turning 30 this year, but a lot has changed since is started on a beach in San Francisco. Photograph: Jim Urquhart/Reuters

The client, who shall remain nameless, has more money than time. Much, much more money.

So when he has to prepare for Burning Man – the eight-day desert festival with bedrock principles including “radical self-reliance”, “radical self-expression”, “decommodification” and “participation” – he does what any self-respecting rich guy would do.

He hires a stylist, spends between $10,000 and $12,000, and has someone else express herself on his behalf.

He is too busy in his life to spend time making costumes, and of course, costumes are a big part of the whole event,” says stylist Jasmien Hamed. “I make a whole concept for him, what I think he should be dressed like, what alter ego he should have. And shop for him and organize him and off he goes."

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