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deadmau5's Old Blog Has Crazy Stories, Weird Dreams & Responses to Hate Mail

deadmau5 has never been one to keep his opinions or thoughts to himself. Fans can now climb into the producer's head circa 2010-2011 through Joel Zimmerman's old blog.

FML - The Blog of Fail has posts ranging from responses to hate mail and complaints to tales of tomfuckery.

"etch-a-sketch's are fucking evil." is a post that details a dream he had that started with getting arrested after starting a fight in a fast food restaurant in Australia and ends with Joel in a medieval cave with an etch-a-sketch demon with an army of skeletons and corpses.

Another one is "Dave Dave Dave" where Joel tells the story of when he was kicked off a festival bill he was headlining because of an incident with Tommy Lee and a helicopter.

In his post "PSA: 15 stuffs you may or may not have known.," Joel explains things like why he hates taking photos, why he avoids interviews and what his opinions are on drugs.

While Joel would probably rather you find something better to do, you can check out his old blog yourself at

Listen to deadmau5's new unreleased track which was first heard in one of his Twitch livestreams from the studio.

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