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Live Streaming DJ Sets On Facebook Live: Copyright Issues?


After a forum thread was started on DJ Tech Tools on takedown notices for Facebook livestreams, DJ Tech Tools writer Dan White takes a closer look at how music copyright impacts livestreams on Facebook. This is definitely an interesting and timely read as more and more brands like Boiler Room, Armada and more are using the Facebook Live tool to stream live DJ sets.

This article originally appeared on DJ Tech Tools

2016 has brought a mass popularity to live streaming video on the web. In the DJ world, this has meant even more opportunities to play in front of a digital audience. However, many DJs have encountered resistance due to copyright issues. In this article, we take a closer look at how copyright law plays (or doesn’t play) a role in live streaming DJ sets on Facebook Live

We first thought to cover this topic after a conversation in the DJTT forums came up about receiving a takedown notice on Facebook over a live stream. Shout out to the contributors in this thread!

DJ Streaming Legalities + Music Rights

Let’s talk real quickly about copyright and DJ sets. It’s easy to assume that because you own a song, you’re allowed to play it in a DJ set of any type. According to US copyright law, this is incorrect. There are several types of rights for music, including:

• Public Performance (transmitting or performing the work in public)
• Reproduction (copying/duplicating)
• Digital Performance (internet streaming)

When you DJ in a venue, it’s up to that venue to make sure they have a license for public performance from major rights organizations...

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