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Artist Interview: Solomun - Do It Yourself


Huffington Post spoke with one of the world's most respected DJ's in the biz. Solomun discusses his label Diynamic, life on the road, and how he stays inspired in this interview by Sead Bradford.

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post

Between managing two labels, three residencies in Ibiza, and remixes for everyone from Lana del Rey to Paul Kalkbrenner, Solomun’s passion and contribution to the electronic scene is very apparent. Ten years after starting the Diynamic label with a friend from Hamburg to bring more melody to the dance floor, he has helped to release both innovative and celebrated tracks from a diverse roster of artists. Without question, Solomun exemplifies the work hard, play hard motto.

Is there anything you want to say?


What is a track that inspired your early connection to electronic music?

Antonelli Electric - Bohannon

I heard this at the very first techno party I’ve been in Hamburg, Germany. This was around the Millennium and DJ Antonelli was playing live. This really inspired me.

What is it about dance music that is so special? Why are you so passionate about it?

It’s my job to make people dance. I guess this is something special because you meet the people when they really let go. That’s what I love most about my job, coming somewhere and trying to make the people dance. Besides that it’s the job of a DJ to give the people emotions, to share his emotions with them, ideally to make them get lost. This is something I never get tired of trying.

Is there a city outside some of the obvious ones (Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Ibiza) where you were surprised by the crowd and the response from the dance floor?

Our music, our lifestyle is such a worldwide thing nowadays, this constantly surprises me. No matter where you are, there is a scene with music lovers who know exactly what they love and what they want. The world of electronic music is much bigger than Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza. Buenos Aires has a huge scene, Tel Aviv, Beirut, São Paulo, Zürich, Italy in general, Spain ... so you see I cannot stop. Our music is everywhere.

How do you balance running two labels, touring, and your personal life?

That’s a good question. Honestly I think it is a question of routine. I’m on the road since so many years that I got used to do everything abroad. And of course I have a great team supporting me, this helps a lot.

Diynamic has such a diverse roster of artists, but all with a unique voice and perspective. What stands out to you when you are deciding to bring an artist under the umbrella?

That’s true. Even though people talk about a certain “Diynamic sound”, all of our artists have their own voice. This is very important for us, that every artist has his own identity. Of course it all fits together then, as a puzzle. Before a new artist joins us we take lot of time. This is most important for us. Besides the fact that he is a great DJ and producer it has to fit on a personal level, between the artists. And that’s why we always take long time.

What is the workflow like between you and Adriano?

We know each other since a very long time, this makes communication easy. We know what the other one wants or needs without many words. I’m not involved in daily business but we talk of course about the most important things. My main job at Diynamic is the A&R part. I look after our artists, talk with them, give them advice, listen to them, call it management in a way.

What is your process like in the studio?

That’s always different. Since I am traveling more or less all the time I am working on ideas with my laptop in the plane or in the Hotel. And for finishing tracks I need a studio set up around me, but this can be everywhere.


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