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Steve Aoki Shares Plans to be Cryogenically Frozen After Death

In an interview with Rolling Stone about his recently released documentary I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Steve Aoki revealed just how much of a futurist he really is. The superstar DJ shared his not-so-conventional plans for his body after he dies.

Steve Aoki doesn't want to be cremated or buried. Nope. Steve Aoki wants to be cryogenically frozen.

Just looking at his discography and films, it's clear Aoki has always been passionate - and frankly, obsessed - with the future of technology. He's been particularly inspired by Ray Kurzweil, an author, inventor, computer scientist and futurist.

Back in 2014, Aoki teamed up with Kurzweil and tech media company WIRED for a video series called "Neon Future Sessions." They talked about everything from creativity and consciousness to the coming singularity as they explored how technology will shape humanity and our future.

Steve Aoki is working with Alcor Life Extension Foundation to arrange to have his corpse preserved in a cryonic cylinder in Arizona. In 200 years or so, Aoki is hoping technology will be at a point where computers will be able to revive his body - in a sense - by uploading his consciousness to a computer.

"The CEO of the company is only doing his head," Aoki told Rolling Stone. But Aoki is incredibly optimistic that freezing his whole body will one day lead to what may seem like the impossible - digital immortality.

It will only set Aoki back $220,000, which is well worth the investment for a futurist and optimist who also happens to be one of the highest paid DJs in the world with an annual salary of $23 million.

Our question is... what will people - or robots, for that matter - think of Aoki's music 200 years from now?!