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Beatport Is Finally Rethinking Its Approach to Genre Tags


After 12 years of operation, the electronic music store is finally updating it's genre tagging system to catch up with the times. So no more Big Room where Progressive House should be!

This article originally appeared on Billboard

To the collective delight of DJs and producers everywhere, Beatport is finally updating its genre classification system.

While the store has evolved dramatically in its 12 years of operation, its approach to genre tagging has remained relatively static. Terry Weerasinghe, VP of Marketing, confirmed the news to DJ Tech Tools in a recent interview. “This is something that the public has been asking for, and hands up, we’ve heard them,” Weerasinghe said.

With roughly 25,000 new releases every week, genre tagging is a crucial component of Beatport’s retail structure. The problem arises when newer genres like big room and future house get lumped into traditional sections like progressive house and deep house, obscuring any clear definition as to what each category entails.

To facilitate the new approach, Beatport has enlisted some of the foremost minds in dance music, including Kompakt, Toolroom, Spinnin and Aus. Members of each imprint, along with a DJ of their choice, will participate in a panel to modernize Beatport’s approach to genre categorization. “We’ll be conducting an audio survey where we play our new genres to DJs who’ll give us feedback as to whether or not this is the right way forward,” Weerasinghe said.


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