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EDM.com Spotlight

Wolfgang Gartner Reveals That He Has an RnB Alias

Wolfgang Gartner helped to catapult electronic music to the masses.

With massive hits like "Wolfgang's 5th Sympthony" and his collab with Deadmau5 on "Animals" , Wolfgang Gartner has spent several years as a household name.

Wolfgang Gartner (real name Joseph Youngman) recently disclosed in an interview with Dancing Astronaut, that he is the producer behind the RnB project OpenEyes. His new project demonstrates that when he isn't making EDM anthems, Wolfgang Gartner can create a well-crafted and sexy slow jam.

OpenEyes which is a project with singer Rush Davis, that shows off slowed down hip-hop vibe to Wolfgang Gartner, full with downtempo beats, grooving guitar riffs, and funky bass lines.

So far, OpenEyes has only released the tracks "Mesmerized" and "Crutch", but the preview of the new project definitely leaves us wanting more.

Regarding the sound of that inspired the new project, Wolfgang Gartner had this to say:

"This project was inspired by rich discographies of music that we’ve been listening to since children spanning eras from 60’s soul to 70’s funk to 90’s R&B and all things in between.

I think for me this project was about trying to summon the ghosts of those who made this music before us and do them justice by representing it authentically in a new light.

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