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The Evolution Of Dubstep Drops in 5 Tracks with SKisM [VIDEO]

UKF and Desperados are determined to define the evolution bass drop. As the first video in a new series, they tapped influential dubstep producer and founder of Never Say Die SKisM to pick five tracks that help us to understand the evolution of the dubstep drop.

Pointing out the patterns, harmonics and perfect simplicities of some of the best drops in dubstep history, SKisM uses his expertise and experience to boil down the evolution of the dubstep drop in six quintessential tracks.

Listen to SKisM's description of each in the UKF and Desperados video below and then take a trip down dubstep memory lane by revisiting these important tracks.

What tracks would you add to expand this list?

1. Spongebob - Coki [2007]

2. TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix) [2008]

3. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites by Skrillex [2010]

4. Terror Squad - Zomboy [2013]

5. Step Two - LAXX [2014]

6. Head Crush - BadKlaat [2015]

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