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'XOXO' Director Christopher Louie Talks Bringing His Rave Roots to Netflix


Billboard's Krystal Rodriguez interviews Christopher Louie, the director of the new EDM Netflix movie XOXO ahead of its release on August 26, 2016. Louie tells Rodriguez about his experiences as an active member of the rave community starting from his very first introduction to dance music in the '90s. Check out the full article featuring quotes from their interview to learn more about the man behind the new EDM film, which dance music lovers are hoping is a better representation of the culture than the most previous attempt.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

XOXO director Christopher Louie.

“There’s nobody better to tell this story than me.”

Sitting in the office of his Glendale home, Christopher Louie is having trouble remembering the name of a song from his youth, so naturally he heads to Google and types in its lyrics. Seconds later, he’s pulled up dance-pop singer Jocelyn Enriquez’s 1997 single “Do You Miss Me?” on YouTube and is singing along, chuckling with nostalgia. “It’s so cheesy!” he exclaims. Nevertheless, it was the first track to hook him on electronic music as a teenager; as he recalls, he spent much of his time looping its acid breakdown between his radio’s two tape decks.

Nearly two decades later, Louie is presenting his love of dance music on a much larger scale. Tomorrow (August 26), he’s releasing his directorial debut XOXO, a Netflix original film following multiple strangers around a fictional music festival similarly bombastic to Electric Daisy Carnival. Pitched to execs as “Dazed and Confused at a rave,” it’s a modern coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of a now multi-billion-dollar industry that was once an underground haven to outsiders such as Louie in his youth.

“That was always my intention: to make a movie that defined what it’s like to be in this culture in 2016,” says Louie, though he admits, “I don’t know what it’s like [now]; I’m not 18 going to festivals anymore, but I’d like to think that even having gone from little warehouses to massive 140,000-people arenas, that it’s the same feeling.”

Growing up in Orange County, California, Louie was a hardcore/punk fan before he found dance music...

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