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Cashmere Cat Releases "Wild Love" Ft The Weeknd, Frances & the Lights

After years of waiting, Cashmere Cat's first full-length album will soon be on its way.

The Norwegian producer who first captured our attention in 2012 with his Mirror Maru EP hasn't released any new originals since 2015's "Adore" featuring Ariana Grande.

Showing his aptitude for working with high-level artists, Cashmere Cat officially released his new collaboration with The Weeknd and Francis and the Lights on "Wild Love" today.

With Cashmere Cat's signature off-kilter production with the vocal work of The Weeknd blends two very distinct artistic styles.

"Wild Love" is the first single from the forthcoming album of the same name, due out this year via Mad Love.

Check out the new track and leave your thoughts in the comments!

H/T: Pitchfork

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