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Kygo Discusses His Brand New, Yeezy-Influenced Clothing Line: Exclusive


Billboard sits down with Kygo for an exclusive interview about his two new fashion lines Kygo Life and Kygo Vibe, which the Norwegian producer says are inspired by Kanye.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

When tropical house sensation Kygo (Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll) first stepped onto the dance scene in 2013, he propelled his career from college producer to global stage sensation thanks to viral, piano-infused remixes of songs like Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing." Now in 2016, the 24 year-old, classically trained pianist is ready for his next challenge: fashion designer.

“I didn't want to wear anything that I was selling if it had big logos," Kygo tellsBillboard in an exclusive interview. "I didn't think it was cool for me to walk around with a huge Kygo logo on myself.”

Hoping to offer cooler clothing options he'd want to wear, the DJ teamed up with a design crew in his native Norway to start Kygo Life, his main apparel and electronics line, along with Kygo Vibe, a sporty-meets-urban collection. Pieces from both lines, available on his new online store, include a men’s relaxed-fit hoodie made of 94 percent bamboo viscose ($147), an olive green women’s T-shirt with a white palm tree on the front ($79) and black headphones ($226).

Billboard Dance spoke with Kygo, who just closed out the Olympics with a stunning performance of "Carry Me," about his new business endeavor, finding inspiration in Yeezy collections, and his search for the perfect T-shirt.

Where did your artistic design influence come from?

I find inspiration in what artists and regular people on the street wear, but I'm also very influenced by what I like to wear since I style myself.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

For me, fit is very important. When I go into a store and find a T-shirt that's well-designed with a great fabric but the fit is all wrong, the T-shirt is ruined for me. We’ve been working on making small, super fine adjustments to our T-shirts and sweaters ensuring they fit perfectly.


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