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Dear Internet: It’s Time to Fix This Mess You Made


We know this is not dance music related directly, but our culture is heavily reliant on the internet - for finding music, for listening to music and for connecting as a community. Online abuse is a HUGE issue across the internet and specifically on social media. And the dance music community online is not immune to it. The WIRED Staff penned a provoking open letter to the internet about online harassment inspired by recent events with celebrities on social media. It's absolutely worth a read and worth a share. Maybe at least in our own community, we can make an effort to create and protect safe spaces online.

This article originally appeared on WIRED

DEAR INTERNET, IT’S been a while, right? We here at WIRED talk about you a lot (mostly good things!), and we’ll admit it feels a little weird to address you directly. But we need to have a talk. And yeah, no, this is not going to be a fun one. Because things aren’t great, Internet. Actually, scratch that: they’re awful.

You were supposed to be the blossoming of a million voices. We were all going to democratize access to information together. But some of your users have taken that freedom as a license to victimize others. This is not fine.

Are we talking about Leslie Jones? Sure. Today. But we should’ve mentioned something to you Monday when some of you went after the woman running Ireland’s Twitter account. Or earlier this summer when anti-Semitic trolls started crowing about their nested-parentheses bat-signal. Last year, it was the assumption that of course we should have a pro-Gamergate panel at SXSW. Or two years ago, when some of you hacked Jennifer Lawrence and a slew of other folks in that ugly display known as—this is as gross to type as it is to read—the Fappening.

Did you know 40 percent of Internet-using adults have experienced online harassment? Do you know how many Internet-using people commit harassment? Us neither. It’s not many. But that minority is literally the worst. And they’re screwing it up for the rest of us...

... Read the full letter from the WIRED Staff at wired.com

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