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The Music-Fueled Dreampad Puts Your Nervous System To Sleep


The perfect sleep aid for music-lovers. The Dreampad is not a pillow with speakers that play music; it delivers music that only you can hear through gentle, calming vibrations. In an in-depth review of the innovative pillow design, Forbes contributor Curtis Silver explains why the Dreampad worked better for him than plain speakers or white noise machines.

This article originally appeared on FORBES

Sleep is something that is either taken for granted or something of a struggle. While many people complain about their sleep, they still have the advantage of being able to lay down and go to sleep without having to calm their brains first. For others our brains are wrought with anxiety, madness and neural activity that no matter how tired the body is, the brain refuses to shut down. Silence at night is the enemy. We need white noise machines or music in the room. Or with the Dreampad from Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), music in our head.

Originally conceived to be a therapeutic tool to calm children with autism, the Dreampad was created to be a sleep aid for those with complex sleep difficulties. As someone who cannot shut down the spongy central processing facility in my skull, the Dreampad seems like a solid replacement for my white noise machine or the speakers across the room. The Dreampad is not a pillow with speakers in it, as I may have implied. Rather, it is a system of transducers that deliver music straight into your head through vibration...

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