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Laidback Luke Speaks Out Against DJ Top 100 Lists

Top 100 DJ lists are bullshit. Or so says Dutch-producer Laidback Luke

While lists like DJ Mag Top 100 or The DJ List usually make yearly headlines, they're actually heavily biased. While ranking in the Top 25 DJs worldwide can certainly make an artist more valuable to a booking agent, it doesn't always translate.

Or so says Laidback Luke when he recently engaged in a Twitter conversation to discuss the unfortunate reality of Top 100 DJ lists:

Laidback Luke brings up a valid point.

While artist rankings of any type are usually heavily criticized, decision making by popular voting system is extremely flawed. The rankings from DJ polls have pushed more artists to put money into paid marketing campaigns to garner more votes. If you don't have to work to be the best you can always pay for it, right?

Laidback Luke also posed another question that most fans don't consider when voting in Top 100 polls:

H/T: EDM Assassin

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