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Spotify says it isn’t punishing artists who cut exclusive deals with Apple and Tidal


Spotify reports that the company doesn't try to bury artists that choose exclusive deals with Apple or Tidal...but does it hurt the artist anyway? Read the story from Peter Kafka from Recode to learn more!

This article originally appeared on Recode

Spotify doesn’t like it when big-name acts take their music to Apple or Tidal first.

But it’s not punishing them when they do, by making their stuff harder to find in the music service’s search results, the company says.

That accusation, sourced to anonymous sources in a Bloomberg report out today, is “unequivocally false,” says a Spotify rep.

That makes sense, since it would be bad for Spotify’s business if its users had a hard time finding music they wanted from the likes of Drake and Kanye West, who have brought new releases to Apple and Tidal before releasing it on Spotify.

Spotify wouldn’t comment on other charges, levied by sources in reports from Bloomberg and theNew York Times, that Spotify wasn’t going to go out of its way to promote releases from acts that went to rivals first.

That would make much more sense, since Spotify will want some way to signal that artists shouldn’t engage in exclusives, which Apple and Tidal have secured by giving artists some combination of cash, equity and marketing support.

For instance: Frank Ocean’s new album “Blonde” debuted exclusively on Apple Music this weekend, and industry sources say it will stay there for another week or two. When that exclusive winds up, Spotify will want to make it available to its 100 million customers instead of giving them a reason to move to Apple, which says it has 15 million subscribers. (Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported Spotify’s user numbers.)

But it will want to make the case to Ocean and other artists that they would ultimately have done better if they had let Spotify give it a full promotional push from the get-go.


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