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How to Properly Format Emails to Blogs & Writers


Nest HQ writer Nathan Beer provides valuable and informative Do's and Don'ts for artists and aspiring music industry professionals who are looking to make an impression through their emails.

This article originally appeared on NEST HQ

An estimated 205 billion emails are sent per day globally by around 2.5 billion users (in 2015). If you are one of those 2.5 and also happen to work in or hope to enter the music industry, here are a few quick tips on what blogs, labels, and industry professionals are looking for in email exchanges.

In this guide, we will review proper email etiquette, formatting, and rhetoric. We provide a checklist of what to include in your initial correspondence, including how to properly title an email, what pieces of content recipients do and do not need, and some insight on how to make your first impression a lasting one.

Alright, let’s tackle emails from Artists to Blogs & Writers:

1. Be specific: Find the email address of the writer who you believe is best suited to write about (or critique) your music. This may require a bit of research, but sending a powerful email to the right person the first time will make your life (and theirs) a whole lot easier.

2. Personalize: Many writers prefer personalized emails over BCC monstrosities. Personalizing and directing your email to a single person shows that you respect them and their work. Respect goes a long way.

3. Subject line: A very easy “Artist Name – Track Name” will do just fine. The whole point of this section is to indicate what’s inside the email. Leave the adjectives and hyperbole for the body...

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