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The Life of a Traveling DJ: What Happens on Tour Stays on Tour


Magnetic Mag dives into the world of DJs, and gives us an in depth look at who are the party animals, the hobbyists, and who has the most ridiculous riders.

This article originally appeared on Magnetic Mag

Wild parties, wild people and wild times and LOTS of towels (you'll get this, keep reading). That’s probably how most of us imagine what touring would be like. Perhaps you grew up listening to old rockers who started the trend for bad behavior and good times? But what is the touring life really like? Do artists have any crazy pre-performance, backstage rituals? We’ve been delving into the weird and wonderful life of the professional music artists and seeing if what happens on tour really does stay on tour!


These are the artists who take the tour late into the night, long after the crowds have gone home.

Diplo, AKA Thomas Wesley Pentz, is one of the best known producers in the world and one of electronic music's most controversial. He’s worked with Bieber, Beyonce, Madonna and other pop legends. He’s also generated some of our best loved dance tracks through his solo launches and his collaborative projects: Major Lazer and Jack U. As well as being big in the game when it comes to music, Diplo is also famous (or infamous) for his parties and backstage antics. His record label, Mad Decent, follows suit, having organized epic block parties, cruise parties and now beach parties full of special guests like Tiesto, Outkast, The Creator as well as performances by the label’s own stars like Zeds Dead, Dillon Francis and Diplo’s own Major Lazer. Diplo’s party hard lifestyle has also landed him in some trouble, however. Like the time he got into a bar fight and had to blow off a recording session with Beyonce! After some anger management counselling he seems to be calming down a bit, apart from the odd Twitter battle with fellow celebrities.

Skrillex, AKA Sonny John Moore, is an absolute demon on stage. Jeering up his crowd into a frenzy with wild dancing, crazy stage productions and his fidgety, electro dubstep sound. He’s one of America’s finest EDM exports, having won 8 Grammys. We know that he’s great at producing records and showcasing them on tour, but what’s he like backstage? Well, like his good friend and producing partner, Diplo, he likes to party. Skrillex will often host huge after parties, which you’d be more than lucky to get an invite for. His latest House Party at Coachella saw a colorful array of people dancing until dawn, with some famous DJ pals along for the ride. And let’s not forget that he took his methods of travel to whole new levels when he took his tour across Canada on a party train!


Read the full story to see who are the party animals, the hobbyists, and absolute divas when it comes to their riders! Check it out at Magnetic Mag

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