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Neighbors Were Unhappy By How Loud Bass Center Was, We Say Otherwise

By now, you've probably heard that Bassnectar brought the firepower to last weekend's Bass Center in Commerce City, Colorado. So much so, that neighbors thought that they were experiencing an earthquake.

But let's be clear. Bass Center did not violate any noise ordinances, some people just like to bitch.

This past weekend I was fortunate to work for one of the production teams responsible for coordinating the inaugural Bass Center. I arrived on site two days before the event, surrounded by many of the brilliant minds that help to create some of the the greatest events in the nation. Minds, who were very adamant that Bassnectar's set not end even a minute past 12:15am so as to not disturb surrounding residents.

So excuse me, if I say boo-hoo to the neighbors.

In the clip below, you will see local news coverage interviewing local neighbors about how loud the event was.

While the bass itself was exceptionally high, the general noise heard from outside of the stadium was minimal. Having worked events in the past, I know how much neighbors love to complain. So when I left the event after my duties for the day with finished, I made sure to particularly note the noise level when leaving the event. I can say this with full confidence, that the reports are exaggerated.

Walking out the backside of the venue, the noise was audible, but certainly not over-bearing. Driving out of the venue, parallel to the stadium (perhaps a half mile away) the noise was unnoticeable.

So while I'm sure neighbors certainly felt the presence, the "earthquake" was blown out of proportion.

Noise complaints are anticipated at all major musical events, which is the sentiment that I personally over-heard from an elected Commerce City official. This official in particular said he expected thousands of noise complaints from residents, but understood that the economic stimulation from the two-day event greatly outweighed the neighbors concerns.

So I guess thing I can say to the neighbors is,"Uhh, deal."