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Pop Punk Meets EDM in Steve Aoki's New Blink 182 Remix

There's nothing like the steady and ever-present market of commercialized teen angst.

Steve Aoki released a brand new remix today of Blink 182's new track "Bored to Death" off of their latest album California.

Although Blink 182's latest album notes the departure of Tom Delonge for Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, Blink 182 still sounds...well like Blink 182. At this point in Blink's career, if you're a 40-something artist still strumming along to the lines of teenage alienation, you find a way to turn a profit on pop-punk formulas.

So is the case with Steve Aoki's remix. Steve Aoki converts the pop-punk track to an EDM anthem with classic Aoki style. While the track certainly isn't pushing the boundaries of genre experimentation, the collaboration seems to work by fusing together the pop sensibilities of both Blink 182 and Steve Aoki.

The video that accompanies the track is a feast for the eyes combining two worlds of teenage experimentation - punk rock and EDM. What remains is a well crafted remix that will strike a chord with audiences who pledge allegiance to both alternative and dance music.

Check out the video below and don't forget to tell us what you think!