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MSTRKRFT Has The Same Problem With Dance Music That You Do


Amanda Savage of Phoenix New Times talks to MSTRKRFT about why they felt burned out, why they switched to analog and the general state of electronic music right now. Sure, it got commercialized and cookie-cutter, but it's also one of the most creative times in dance music, they believe... it's just all underground.

This article originally appeared on Phoenix New Times

MSTRKRFT's Jesse Keeler says dance music got too predictable.

"When I go out, I want to hear things I’ve never heard” explains Jesse Keeler, who’s half of the electronic music duo MSTRKRFT. “I feel like dance music was all about that forever, then at least in the last while, people have been too worried about, I guess, losing a crowd or losing fans. … You used to really be able to see the character of the person playing.”

Keeler comes at this issue from a position of authority, and his ideas make sense on their head. The more popular a musical movement gets, the more generic it will sound. MSTRKRFT entered the scene nearly a decade ago. He and Al-P (Alex Puodziuka) surfed the cresting dance music wave with hits like “Bounce” and “Heartbreaker” only to seemingly vanish as the wave crashed and drowned us all.

“I don’t want to say that we did this on purpose, but I think what you call ‘mellowing out’ for us seems like a beautiful resetting time [in dance music] where … it seems like people care a lot more about music again. It seemed like there was a time not so long ago where it just kind of felt like people … they didn’t really care about what they were going to see. They just wanted to see something,” Keeler says...

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