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Chuckie's Response to DJs Struggling With the Touring Lifestyle: "A Lot of People Need to Man Up"


As more artists speak out on the grueling lifestyle of a touring DJ, house veteran Chuckie's response is "only the strong survive." Chuckie takes the perspective that getting the opportunity to tour as a DJ is a privilege; you have to work at maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health. Chuckie is right in that artists have to make the effort to stay healthy and sane on tour, but at the same time - we shouldn't underestimate the impact this lifestyle has on mental and emotional stability.

This article originally appeared on Miami New Times

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Moby said he experienced anxiety, depression, and insomnia while touring. The traveling lifestyle was so hard on Avicii, he’s hanging up his headphones at age 26.

But not Clyde Sergio Narain, a DJ you probably know better as Chuckie. “So many artists had no career and no one cared about them, and now they’re complaining that it’s too much stress. A lot of people need to man up. You have to stay fit and find balance. Only the strong survive,” he tells us.

Last year, the Dirty Dutch Records boss took more than 450 flights. On August 1, he played in Croatia. He’ll be at Story tomorrow and finishes August with stops in Ibiza, Montenegro, Las Vegas, and even Cleveland...

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